Meet the Puccetti family. I’m Rini, there’s my husband Chris and our two sons: Balin (9) and Denver (7).

The Puccetti Family

Sometime in 2009 we decided it would be a good idea to sell most of what we own (and pack the rest into storage) and totally change our comfortable South Australian suburban lifestyle.  We chose the small village of Bagnone, about 120km North West of Florence, as our new home.  It’s a long way from Oz!


6 Responses to About

  1. Hi “Kids”, very exciting to read bout your new adventures…..we miss you heaps, keep safe and well, and take care of each other.
    The Nizza’s
    Beautiful DELORAINE

  2. jacqui george says:

    Hi guys, we are loving being a part of your Big adventure, albeit a little green with envy ! I cant wait to read each blog….give the boys a big hug from me , especially little Denver… he is very cute, and i can only imagine how crazy school would be for them in a foreign country. Big kisses xxxxx Jac

  3. Alex Wilding says:

    Hi Rini,
    Just alex here, making contact after we met in the street in Pontremoli on Saturday. So now you have my mail address – if you mail me sometime, I can send you Sarah’s as well.
    Hope to see you all sometime soon!

  4. CRAIG VERRALL says:

    Loving the blog Rini- Not sure what Im enjoying more; the penmanship or the photography.. Its all good!
    godimento in tutto

  5. Valerie Tyson says:

    Hi Rini, Valerie from sunny Queensland. I don’t know where you are now are you still in Bagnone?It was great to see my old school friend Mary who I have not seen for about 20 years and her husband Trevor not for 67 years in one of your photos. I am still in contact with Mary and still hope one day to visit them, thats on the bucket list! Your blog Rini is very interesting and the photography fantastic, you are very talented. Hope you get this message. Bye for now.

  6. Valerie Tyson says:

    Hi Rini, oops 67 is the year it should be 47 years since I met Trevor Shann. I need my morning coffee. I was not born 67 years ago!!!! Valerie.

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