Scenes from an Italian life

Here’s a blog post containing only photos and captions for once. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, just that daylight saving started yesterday and that 1 hour of lost sleep has rendered me quite brain dead today.  We’ve been going about our daily lives here and interesting things happen all the time, so my narration would be disjointed anyway.

A random old man sitting in a cafe. He just sat there, not eating or drinking the whole time we were there.

Graffiti in Italy is different to the usual "tagging" in Australia. We see messages of love, politics and humour here. I hate graffiti in general, but if it must be done then this is the type I prefer.

Our favourite waitress Katuschia at "Big Ben" cafe in Filattiera. Yummy pizzas!!

Did you see the Super Moon last week? On March 19th, the moon was the closest it's been to earth since 1992 (356,577 km from earth). This shot was taken on the night before because the 19th was cloudy.

For all my Canadian friends. Please don't take it personally that this jacket was on the sale rack for 1 euro!! It's practically disposable.

The obligatory bread basket at Gavirini's in Mocrone. Really great food! I highly recommend pranzo there.

The entrance to Bagnone (the Castello in the background and then Pastina in the distant background)

A lovely day in Bagnone!

At Lucia's shop in Pontremoli. Giant Lindt balls!

Denver at the 150 year celebration of Italy. A great show of patriotism was seen for days, flags everywhere.

My beautiful little boys! Such sweet little faces xx

"Can I have a puppy Mum?" The little puppies at Germana's antique store in Filetto.

Just a statue in someone's garden, but it has significance as it is like the Statue Stelles of Lunigiana.

Last weekend we took a trip to Fivizzano, Ceretto and Castelnuovo. This is Fivizzano.

Fivizzano, on the way to the piazza for a coffee and gelati

Verrucola, just outside of Fivizzano. There is a great castle there. You can see the old ruins of a watchtower up on the hill behind this house

The tower ruins at Verrucola

The castle just outside of Fivizzano (in Verrucola). It is privately owned unfortunately, so we could not go inside. We did walk around the little village though

Denver sitting on a doorstep off a little stone laneway in Verrucola

On the way to Ceretto there is a little stone house in the middle of the road. It's abandoned but would make an interesting residence. Location location!

I don't actually know the name of this village. It is near Cerreto and is accessible off a road that leads under a bridge and winds down to the bottom of the valley. We could not see it's name. What a great spot for a village though! Does anyone know the name? Leave a comment please.

The ski resort of Cerreto Laghi. We were suprised at how busy this place was. It's very touristy with lots of hotels and cafes and of course lots of skiiers. The season is almost over, so I'd hate to see it in peak times!

Frozen lake in Ceretto with a soccer ball. You can see hotels in the background.

Not much snow left even in the mountains! This is on the way down from Cerreto Laghi towards Castelnuovo dei Monti

On the way to Castelnuovo dei Monti, there is a little church which sits by itself upon a hill. The sky was so blue that day.

An old wagon wheel behind the church. Oh how I miss the chocolate kind!

Townhouses in Castelnuovo. Patriotic Italians!

An interesting site in Castelnuovo. It's a fountain (I think) completely covered in newspapers. Modern art? Prank? Italian method of weather protection?

Ah, Italian coffee.

The little village of Virgoletta (not far from Bagnone). One of our favourite places. It's very old and fun to walk around with lots of little places to explore.

Balin and I, exploring one of the little stone tunnels in Virgoletta

The remains of a stone window looking out from a piazza in Virgoletta

I'm not really sure what this is, but it was at the end of the village of Virgoletta, sort of like a courtyard. Perhaps Manuela could tell me?

We took a drive in the countryside one day and came across Lusignana, another cute little village on a hill

Chris and I teaching English to the Italian teachers again.

Monika burning off some branch cuttings in our back yard. It is the time of year for such things.

Chris mowing the ENORMOUS lawn here. It took 3 days, but he had fun (as you can see)

The finished lawn. Yes, it's big and there's more behind the photographer too!

I hope you enjoyed some of the images from our everyday lives here.  Next week we will be in Switzerland and France (we are going to Disneyland and Paris amongst other things) so there may be blog silence until we get back.



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15 Responses to Scenes from an Italian life

  1. Stuart Crawford says:

    Hi Rini,

    Brilliant blog as per usual. I believe the village is Sassalbo. I’ve always fancied a drive down to see it a bit closer. I’m surprised at the lack of snow at Cerreto. Stu

    • missrini says:

      Sassalbo! You are correct! I have just checked the map and Sassalbo it is indeed. You win…err…..a set of steak knives? A cup of coffee?

  2. Michael Denholm says:

    Great photos, as always, but please pass on my two thumbs up to Chris (who I am assuming was the photographer…) for the wagon wheel shot. Love it!

  3. bagnidilucca says:

    Your comment fell of my blog for some reason. I hope you had a good day in Lucca. What is your favourite restaurant there?

    • missrini says:

      We had a great day in Lucca thanks 🙂 Just got back. We love the Trattoria on the piazza (oh gosh I wish I could remember the name!! Trattoria di S…..) it’s next to a lovely little cafe off the main road through the centre of Lucca. I will see if I can find the card. There are photos of it in my Lucca post (December archives I think). We walked the entire length of the wall today! It was such a lovely day.

  4. Kendall says:

    If I had ready access to Lindt balls as big as the one Balin was holding, I would happily forgo wagonwheels for the rest of my life.
    Love the photos! xx

  5. Magda says:

    This is my home and where my fmaily lives. I love your photos they bring back memories.
    Thanks so much

  6. Magda says:

    Hi its Magda again, Did you go to the bar in Filattiera Alta? Did you eat the best ever sweets from Bar Svizzeri in Pontremoli? This bar is in the main piazza of Pontremoli, I know yuo have been there because I saw a photo of you in there.
    My friends back home in Filattiera are very impressed on your photos and happy to see that someone is so interested in their/my home towns and area.

    Cheers, I love what you are doing.

  7. missrini says:

    Hi Magda, if Bar Svizzeri is in the main piazza of Pontremoli then I’m sure I ate/drank there 🙂 I thought that all the sweets I had in Lunigiana were the best ever!! I’m so glad that the good people of Filattiera enjoy the photos, they really do live in a wonderful part of the world. Thanks again.

  8. Magda says:

    Hi Rini,Yes, Bar Svizzeri is in the main piazza of Pontremoli. I agree with you, all the sweets in Lunigiana are great. My family and friends are wondering if you are going back to Bagnone as they would like to meet you, they are very happy that someone has taken a lot of interest in their hometown. One friend of mine that lives in Filattiera has been looking at your site after I told her and she asked me to tell you if you visited the castles in Pontremoli, S. Giacomo and Villa Dosi. They are from the 1700 century. ? Chat soon. Magda

  9. missrini says:

    Hi Magda, yes we will be returning to Bagnone next year in July for Bancarella in Pontremoli (our book launch hopefully!). We’d love to meet with some more locals! We did visit the castle in Pontremoli many times but I don’t remember one in Villa Dosi. What is it called?

  10. Magda says:

    Hi Rini, that is good and hopefully I will be there too. I will let me family and friends know that you are giong back next July and to launch the book. Well, the Villa is just by the creek that runs in the town, Villa Dosi is the name of the Villa, it is along the long dusty road with trees, it is right behind the old part of the town in Pontremoli.
    Did you know that Zucchero also lives in Pontremoli? Zuccher is a famous blues singer, he is great.
    If you ever come to Sydney let me know I would love to catch up for a coffee.
    Chat soon

  11. I had the pleasure of owning the old mill, below the watchtower, for the best part of a decade, from the mid eighties. Happy holidays, great memories. The castle in Verrucola, is owned by a sculptor, by the name of Pietro Cascella (from memory). used to open one day a week, by appointment, to view his works. My son was christened in the castle chapel. Lovely photo’s, thanks Giovanni

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