Frosty the Snowman

Just a quickie this time folks! I have to show you the lovely snowman that the boys built yesterday:

Frosty the Snowman with bottle-top buttons

The boys with frosty

Smile Frosty!

Actually the snow is melting now and all around there is “sludge” on the roads and on the ground.  I enjoyed the silence of the snow while it lasted. You could see it falling in little landslides off the tree branches as the little squirrels scampered along.  You could see the tracks of the animals that had been walking in the snow before you, some of them unidentifiable to us foreigners (Chris was lucky enough to see Deer in our backyard last night so we are sure what at least one set of tracks was!)   Now there is the constant sound of dripping from the downpipes as the snow melts on the roof.   We still needed chains on the way down to Bagnone today, but by the time we came home the roads were much better.   It’s amazing how fast snow comes and goes here.

I DID get a cold unfortunately, as I thought I would.  It’s not too bad, but enough to annoy me!  I’ll end this very short post with something that I just could not resist making (refer to last post for context):

It's Mario and Luigi!! Sorry guys, but I just could not resist 🙂

Ciao xx


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3 Responses to Frosty the Snowman

  1. Chris Puccetti says:

    Mario and Luigi are the greatest! Mario speaks excellent English. Thank goodness we have that pharmacy just down the hill in Bagnone. Hats off to them both! (That would be Red and Green hats)

    • mary shann says:

      Yes indeed, we are blessed here in Bagnone with such friendly shop keepers. We use the chemist a lot as Trevor has health problems and have always found everone so helpfull . They don’t laugh at us when we are struggling with the Italian lessons but with us!!

  2. dad and cathy says:

    we loved the photos and comments that food looks tooo good cathy is bugging the shit out of me to join you cathy may come on her own while i look for a younger bird slighty nympho ha ha love dad and cathy

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