On the way…Singapore

We left Adelaide pretty much on schedule : Monday 25th October around lunch time.  It was very sad to say goodbye and some tears were shed.  We’re going to miss our families!  After a pretty uneventful but turbulent flight we arrived in Singapore.  The kids were pretty excited to be in another country; their first foreign visit ever.  The hotel (Swissotel Stamford) was lovely and we took some time to have a quick look around before retiring early to bed.  Our first full day was spent mainly sight-seeing. We went to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel/Casino which was a pretty impressive experience.  We had watched it’s construction on “Build it Bigger” and Chris was pretty keen on seeing it. The Sky Park on the top was almost worth the expensive admission price with the most incredible view of Singapore (although the view from our hotel room was pretty darn spectacular).  The infinity pool made us wish we’d spent the extra money on a room there, it looked as if you could swim right off the top of that building.  We wandered around the HUGE shopping complex inside for a while before heading off to China Town.  We spent the afternoon swimming and shopping in the hotel (another big shopping mall) before going on the “Night Safari” at the Singapore zoo. We were all so tired that we ended up ditching our tour bus and getting a cab back to the hotel.  Next morning we got up early for our tour to Sentosa.  We spent the first half of the day at Universal Studios which was great fun. Lots of rides to go on and the weather was actually pretty perfect for it: overcast, warm, no rain.  Next we went to Underwater World where we saw a dolphin show and then on to Butterfly and Insect park, the wax museum and finally a night show on the beach called “Songs of the Sea”.  It was a mixture of lazers, water jets, music, fireworks etc.  A pretty spectacular end to the day!

View of Singapore

The view from our hotel room

Our impression of Singapore is very good. It’s such a clean and efficient place. Graffiti and vandalism is conspicuous by it’s absence. We passed some vacant buildings on our excursions and even there the vegetation is not overgrown and all the concreted areas are clean. That is saying a lot for such a lush tropical environment. People are very polite and we have been addressed with  complete courtesy everywhere we have visited. Particularly, the tourist spots seem to put an extra effort in and are always helpful and never out to rip you off.  The prices of food, taxis and other necessary items whilst out and about are also very reasonable.  The weather is not really our cup of tea, however it’s a bit of a novelty to be in such constant humidity and heat for a few days and I’ve been quite accepting of “big hair” for the most part.  There are not many white people around, even on the tours there are mostly Japanese, Chinese and Indian people.  Our white appearance has made us quite the curiosity on occasion and the kids have been photographed by complete strangers who think nothing of grabbing them for group shots with their friends. Denver scored a present just for being cute!   Even I was accosted by a couple of girls who took turns taking photos of me with their friends.  Apparently I am “beautiful lady” with  my big bushy blonde hair 🙂  Chris has been feeling rather left out of the novelty factor, but at least he’s been happy to find some American food here.


Singapore. Love that Marina Bay Sands building!

Today is our last day and we leave for Italy tonight.  I’m dreading another long flight and hoping we can all get some sleep so we can hit the ground running in Milan.  See you on the other side!


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